We feel that CBD FECO (CBD Full Extract Cannabis Oil) is the best extraction method for CBD. This is the same type of extraction that is now being used for making Rick Simpson Oil.

100X CBD FECOCBD FECO is often extracted using food safe 95% ethanol. 95% ethanol is used because 100% ethanol reverts to 95% ethanol once it’s introduced to the atmosphere. Ethanol is a top choice because it is able to extract both polar and non-polar compounds. This array of total compounds creates a powerful synergization between them that adds to the benefits of CBD. Terpenes are responsible for much of the plant’s aroma. When these terpenes synergize with CBD to give added benefits, then we get the interaction know as the “Entourage Effect”.  Cannabinoids such as CBD become more effective when they are able to work with the compounds in the plant that nature intended.

We do not extract from the stalks or leaves of our cannabis plants. All of our extractions are done from the trichomes of the flowers of our “Ma’at” strain that boasts 16-17% CBD and is packed full of beneficial terpenes. CBD FECO from good plant genetics will result in an oil that tests over 60% CBD. This type of CBD Oil is termed 100X CBD.

Studies have shown 100X CBD to be 20 times more effective than 5X CBD and 100 times more effective than 1X CBD (per mg of CBD). (Referenced from studies done by Dr. Allan Frankel)

  • 100X CBD – This refers to CBD FECO from plants that have been specifically bred for CBD consumption. These plants are resin varieties that contain high levels of both terpenes and cannabinoids (over 15% CBD). 100X Grade CBD is also called Complete Spectrum which is much better than Full Spectrum for most uses in the CBD industry. Learn more about Complete Spectrum CBD HERE.
  • 5X CBD – This CBD quality is produced from seed and fiber plants that were not bred for CBD consumption. These plants lack in terpenes and CBD (typically under 7% CBD). The Finish strain “Finola” is being used for making much of 5X CBD. These plants will induce a headache when smoked and range from 25-35% CBD when made into an oil using Super Critical C02 extractions.
  • 1X CBD – This CBD grade refers to molecular CBD or Crystalline CBD. This substance tests over 97% CBD and is void of beneficial compounds that make the “Entourage Effect” virtually nonexistent.

We use 100X CBD FECO in all of our products. Please visit our homepage to learn more about our exciting products.

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